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Armand Assante worked with following movies/TV-productions in 2010 - 2019:
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"Chuck"   "A fine Step"  "Goat" 
Fourth Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival   The Creative Achievement Award 
The World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana, Kasakhstan  Tengri News Interview Astana, July 3,2011
World Liberty TV Interview Oct 2010    "A Dialog Through the Steppe" Interview 2011  Interview with AA on set "Blind Pass" Dec 2011
Armand Assante with Giselle Franca on Holliday in Brazil    "Monte video, God Bless You !" Febr.2012 
Irish Film & Television Awards 2012    The Night Never Sleeps Interview 2012   
Movie Geeks United Interview: ARMAND ASSANTE april, 2012
In Conversation with Armand Assante METV May 2012   Montevideo Spanish interview May 2012  
"Monte video, God Bless You !" July 17 2012   Exclusive Interview: Armand Assante Talks Guido May 2013
Hollywod Reporter August 2013   The 11th Golden Foot Award Oct.2013   "Leaves of the Tree" interview and Premier March 2015

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From 2010 - 2019


January 28, 2010
Armand Assante

Armand Assante On Set of

Armand Assante working on his own film about farming....

From shooting scenes in Tappan for the movie "Goat".
This information says that William DeMeo's role is Bobby Baldano and Armand Assante is performing Joseph, Bobby Baldano's father.

Photos from scenes in the Barber Shop. Director Borghese just moved back to Rockland, he says:"There are just so many great locations in the area that ... are unique and original and haven't been seen before."

Armand Assante signed on about a year ago, citing Borghese's friendship and talent as reasons.

"He has a natural gift for sending up the whole crime genre," Assante says. "I think he has a great sense of humor. He has a funny twist on things."
Borghese plans to return to Tappan in May to film outdoor scenes in and around the area, and at the Oak Tree Inn when the weather improves.

Armand Assante, who owns a farm in Orange County, has similar hopes for film production growth in the Hudson Valley. He's working on his own film about farming in the '40s.

"I would love to be able to spearhead some kind of small studio here," he says. "I literally have lived and traveled all over the planet. ... The Hudson Valley is probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and many people don't know that."

2pages... (Link is dead...we will try to find this article again)

February 21

External link, Press kit (opens in PDF) Newspaper clippings at the last 2 pages.

March 23,  2010
by Joe Belcastro
A lot of people
                wanted Armand Assante's attention at the GIFF
The above photo is not the interviewer of the article, but you can watch it on YouTube, it was made by Jack Harris "Nosing Around" IPN....YouTube

Interview with
Armand Assante
at the Fourth Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival
March 18 - 21, 2010
Exclusive Interview with Armand Assante at the GIFF 2010

"Mr. Assante is one of the more sincere and passionate people out there.
One things for sure, you'll always get a straight and intelligent answer out of this guy" says the young man (Joe Belcastro) that made this very interesting interview, asking Armand Assante some questions we aren't use to hear about.

Armand Asante tells about the conditions for actors now-a-days and how hard it is to get through with a creative project in the movieworld.
"...I have a project I've been working on for awhile and I met with one of the biggest producers in television. She told me to come back when I have the pilot and 26 episodes and they'll consider it. Not many actors have that kind of bread to fund that sort of thing. Especially in the current economic climate of the industry." he says...

He also tells he only got one horse now back at his farm in Upstate New York...

In case this interview is taken down, you can read it here in a PDFversion

July 18, 2010
Armand Assante recieved
The Creative Achievement Award

at the
Long Island International Film Festival Expo
Debra Markowitz
              interviews Armand Assante at his farm 2010
My Inside Voice
by Debra Markowitz
Interview with Armand Assante
at the "Lone Oak Farm"
in connection with LIIFE 2010

"Tribute to Armand Assante"
Created by Dan Brennan

My Inside Voice

Tribute to Armand Assante by Debra Markovitz

She says: "Armand freakin Assante!! What a wonderful, articulate, intelligent and gracious man.".....
"We spent an hour and a half in his lovely home and got to find out all about his acting career and the mega stars he has worked with."

Debra Markowitz's interview with Armand Assante at his farm.
We get to see some of the finest highlights of his roles through time.
Armand Assante
still don't recommend the acting business...

In the end Debra Markowitz give Armand Assante The Creative Achivement Award.
Armand Assante gives us insight into the difficult and time consuming preparation that goes on before a role is rehearsed and his philosophy about the author's work which he considers as a sheet of music and you have to follow the punctuation in the original creation to find the right character for your performance.
He also complains that all must go so quickly these days, acting is not about results but the procces of deeb involvement into the role and lots of research and it takes time.


The interview was made in this room at first floor at the farm.

In case you appetite for the "drumming scene" from Mambo Kings was not fullfilled in this else fantastic interview (we see a glimse of Armand Assante as Nestor drumming with Tito Puente) you can watch the whole full "drumming scene" right here...

October 12, 2010
Interview with Armand Assante
World Liberty TV

Armand Assante TV
                interview 2010

A short interview with Armand Assante that is hart to understand what he says because of the noise in the background.
It does'nt say in which connection the interview was made ?
Below a short introduction of Armand Assante's career with a few highlights.

October 19, 2010
Armand Assante
Central Asia Newswire
By Hal Foster

 "The World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana"

Armand Assante in
              "Shadows in Paradise"
Armand Assante in Kasakhstan

Armand Assante
has been interviewed  in connection with his speach at "The World Wide Forum of Spritual Culture in Astana".

He was asked to give a speach about spirituality but says he’s not an expert on the subject so he’s going to talk about why he admires Nazarbayev
American actor Armand Assante doesn’t know if Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is a fan of his ??? But Armand Assante is absolutely a great admirerer of this president.

This is Assante’s sixth trip to Kazakhstan
Armand Assante got to know and close befreinded Erken Ialgashev.
while having a role in his film "Shadows in Paradise".

Erken Ialgashev “wanted to build a Kazakh-U.S. film relationship,” Assante said.
Armand Assante is planning to do a documentary about Kasakhstan, His decision to do a film about the country has been on his mind for a while.

"The Return of Joe Rich" should soon be out, Armand Assante also comment on the hard situation for many actors, the economic downturn of the past two years has led to film work drying up.

Read more....

In case this information has been taken down the full interview/article can be read in PDF file


July 3, 2011
Tengri News
by Maksim Popov
Interview with Armand Assante
Photos by Vladimir Dmitriyev

in connection with his participation at the
Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival

Armand Assante, who took part in the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival, gave an interview to on July 3.

Armand Assante says about his role as Nietzsche:
..................“I played Nietzsche in one movie (When Nietzsche Wept).
Each line, each word written by the author, were citing Nietzsche's works and it was quite difficult.
I worked with a German translator to understand the real depth and original meaning of Nietzsche's writings.
I was given a book to learn Nietzsche's story and I highlighted some paragraphs in the book. In the end they turned out to be the paragraphs given to me in the movie,” the actor shared his memories.

“I think that this book is one of the most brilliant books ever written. As this is an eternal problem inside a person. Falling in love. I think this had a direct affect on the person he became, on his character. As he was always absorbed in his thoughts, never stopped thinking and lived like an anchorite. He was always questioning himself about the things he was writing about,” Assante told about his impressions.

“For me he is the closest person in literature. Just like Van Gogh in painting,” he said.......

Read more................ (11 photos of Armand Assante while being interview)

In case this information has been taken down, you can read this interview here (Opens in PDF file)

October 3, 2011
Armand Assante Interview
about his Documentary

®A dialogue through the steppe¯

Armand Assante introduces
              his new Documentary in October 2011
News by Caspio Net

®A dialogue through the steppe¯
.....The movie covers several periods of Kazakhstan's development, including the war years, closing of Semipalatinsk testing site, political repressions and finishes with the latest political and economic achievements of the country.
The movie includes fragments of documentaries made 20 years ago when the country was just starting on its way.
The scriptwriter also included expert opinions on the most significant events in the country

From the Screening October 3, 2011 New York, Armand Assante in a short interview about his documentary...

You Tube

From the Screening October 3, 2011 New York, Armand Assante in a short interview about his documentary...

You Tube

®A dialogue through the steppe¯ was shown at The International Scientific and Practical Conference
"Spiritual culture - a key to the transformation of the world"
October 17-19, 2011

Armand Assante has said about his documentary:

®......I would like to pay attention to what other nations have put through.
I am not surprised in the endure and not only the endure and Kazakhstan is the winning, certainly the winning example in the world I know of the nation, which in the last 20 years is progressing at astonishing speed.......¯

".....It took us around 6 months for searching for information, learning the history, making the movie and post-production. Participants of the next Forum will evaluate our work on October 18 in Astana.....,” Assante said.

December 18, 2011
Bradenton Herald

On Set with Armand Assante
Short interviw with Armand Assante
about his role in "Blind Pass"

              Assante On Set "Blind Pass"
With the title: "On Set with Armand Assante"
  ....brings more information about the making of the thriller "Blind Pass".
We are on set at the beautiful, sprawling grounds of Sue Brielmann’s Shady Oaks Farm.

Assante was in Manatee County to play a rich, powerful former athlete battling multiple sclerosis in the drama/thriller “Blind Pass.”.....

......The scene Assante pitched Thursday night to the filmmaker found him giving a speech about coping with the disease, the idea being that in the film it could be shared online to help uplift others suffering from MS......

more to the movie then what had been asked of him.
“What inspired me was watching so many people who actually do speak about these conditions that are just horrific,” said Assante, who leaned forward and lifted a fist for emphasis. ...
......Assante, who worked in Manatee for two days last week, plays the father of the film’s star, 19-year-old Bradenton resident Danielle White. He agreed to do “Blind Pass” after being intrigued by Tatone’s script.
“I was really chilled by it and I don’t say that lightly,” Assante said. “I read a lot of material. I turn down a lot of material. What I liked about this is that, that girl (White’s character), turned out to be who she was. That gave me the chills.”....



January 5, 2012
News Agency Congonhas and House of Culture Dr Suely Vilela
by Victor Eugene

Armand Assante on Holliday with his girlfreind in Brazil

Giselle and Armand
Armand Assante on pleasent hollyday with his girlfreind

Armand Assante stayed for 15 days on vacation in
Ilic¡nea City with his girlfreind Giselle  Fran‡a Oliveira, previous to have enjoyed Christmas and New years Eve in New York City.
Armand Assante was interviewed by News Agency Congonhas and House of Culture Dr Suely Vilela by Victor Eugene on January 1, 2012.
He was very impressed with the place and it's nature particulary the farmland.
He visited the city and the Coffee Cooperatives and all in all get inspired to may be make a film in that place.

He loved the people and allready got invitations from there.
He finish saying: I want to buy real estate in the region to have a recreation area. (language Portuguese)

Small interview from You Tube
Agˆncia Congonhas de Noticias - Armando Assante visita Ilicinea

February 5, 2012
"Montevideo, Bog te video: Prica druga"
or "Montevideo, God Bless You !"
Armand Assante as
Hotchkins or Hočkinsa,

Armand Assante
                in the movie 'Montevideo'

The city Montevideo in Uruguay,
South America

Armand Assante with the
                Serbian President
Armand Assante met with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic July 16, 2012 at one o'clock at his Presidential Official Building
A comedy, adventure and sports movie ?

The Plot:
As stated production company Intermedia Network, Assante plays American football manager Hočkinsa (
Hotchkins) , who comes in the first World Cup in Uruguay in order to popularize soccer in the United States. He recognizes the potential of new games and wants to make a dream-team players from all teams. Selects a few of our and this leads to schism in the team.

The movie is a Serbian production ?!
The language is Serbian and Spanish.

Official FaceBook

Press OnLine article about the movie (language Serbian)2 Photos of Armand Assante

Quotes from interview:
 "Montevideo" has the atmosphere of Italian films from the fifties.
He shows us ordinary people and their desire to achieve success. It is a time of innocence and hope, not lies and neuroza, which is now widely used in the film industry. Rivalry between two young men did what what touched me the most. I think their relationship is essential to the film - said the actor.....

He said it was a big fan of Serbian films and has even contributed to the decision that a Serbian film wins at film festival in Ukraine:
- All my life I follow what happens in the film industry worldwide.
So I watched the "Pretty Village, Pretty Flame", in which Dragan game.
 I was impressed by the quality of the film. I know that I watched and other Serbian films, only now I can not remember how they are translated.
Of course, I followed all the Kusturica radio.
There is a little curiosity attached to me and Serbian cinema: the Festival of Kiev as a jury member I voted for your film, "Huddersfield" and later, the authors presented the award for best film.
The actor said that he wants to come to Serbia to "taste" of the Serbian hospitality,

Google translation (English) of this interview (Opens in PDF)

Another short notice about the same movie, from Inter Media Network...from April 29, 2012

In connection with making this movie:
Armand Assante
met with President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic while he was filming the "Montevideo" movie...
You Tube

Asante u gostima kod predsednika Srbije

It says, in connection to the next video below: Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Hollywood actor Armand Asante visited Guca where 52nd held Dragacevo Parliament. Dacic were pleased with the level of security in Guca.
Dačić i Asante u Guči

This news also spread to Hungary
A larger TV net in Hungary here announced that today (July 16, 2012) at one o'clock (13:00) Armand Assante was invited for a meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic at his Presidential Official Building in connection with the filming of the "Montevideo" movie.
It also explains that some of the scenes were taken abroad in in Tenerife.
He performs an american fottballmanager from the 1930's. A few a his most well known movies are mentioned..
(language Hungarian)

February 11
Armand Assante guest at
Irish Film & Television Awards 2012

Small live interview You Tube

Armand Assante Red Carpet
              Arrival in Dublin
Irish Film & Television Awards 2012

Ireland's finest screen creative talent descend this weekend on Dublin, Saturday 11th of February 2012, for the 9th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards celebrations, taking place at the spectacular Convention Centre Dublin (CCD).

Between many guests scheduled to attend is Armand Assante.

Hosted by Simon Delaney (The Good Wife) the Irish Film & Television Awards show will broadcast primetime on Irish television RTE One at 9.40pm GMT.

February 14
Armand Assante at the Red Carpet Arrival
the 9th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards celebrations  February 12.
One Photo, second row to the left...

From the Red Carpets Interview you get to see a few glimses of Armand Assante with a very short interview, posted on You Tube:
Red Carpet Interviews at Irish Film & Television Awards 2012
See Also:
2012 IFTA Irish Film & Television Awards Armand Assante Interview

February 18, 2012
Greater New York City Area - Freelance Reporter at
Chris Collora's exclusive interview
with Armand Assante 'On Set'
"The Night Never Sleeps"
Location: Long Island

Armand Assante as Inspector Romanelli

An Interview on set with
              Armand Assante
Vi get a deeper insight in the plot and meet the director of the movie Fred Carpenter , the writer of the script
Michael A. Lovaglio
who has a background in the policeforce and Debra Markowitz is also there.
Armand Assante tells among other that he also shut "I, the Jury" on that location and the takes at the graveyard is actually in the end of the movie, which is about bad cops and good cops and a cop that was killed. It's his grave they are visiting..

And of course a lot about Armand Assante...

You Tube

"The Night Never Sleeps"" FaceBook Profile

Uploaded April 18, 2012
Podcast interview
made by Movie Geeks United
Armand Assante

Movie Geeks United Interview: ARMAND ASSANTE (31 min)
He talkes about the difference between music performance and theatre performance.
The demands of acting all in all. They talk of "Gotti" and bring a sequence.

And about how important the script is for him as an actor.
They talk about "The Line" that Assante descibes as men going into a violent world with lot of expectations and having them completely shattered.
"It takes a lifetime to be able to syntesize a moment !" says Assante,talking of the maturity age and time gives.
He mentions the young Cristian Nemscu that sadly was killed right after finishing "California Dreamin'" that in spaite of his young age, he was a genious.

He also points out that the Film Festivals are a cultural platform where you are prensented to film creations that you would never see or know about otherwise, they are about tremendous importent human issues and thanks to You Tube and
DVDs we get to see some of them.

Movie Geeks United is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts on the internet and iTunes
On You Tube:
Movie Geeks United Interview: ARMAND ASSANTE

May 22
Armand Assante meets with
Mayor Wayne Poston
Future plans of filming

"This is so you can make us some money,"says Major Poston and hands Armand Assante a cash clip emblazoned with the Friendly City sunglasses logo.
Armand Assante finds that very amusing...

"We're trying to develop a project with a historical ideal that lends itself to a major feature film that's logical for this area," Assante said. "It would create tremendous employment for the area."

Read more here:
There are no specific plans revealed, still a big secret...

In December, Assante spent time in Lakewood Ranch acting in "Blind Pass," the second independent, feature-length film by Sarasota-based Midnight Pass Productions and writer/producer/director Steve Tatone.

The actor shot a couple more scenes with the local filmmaker at the same location on Wednesday.
"We're in post-production," Tatone said by phone Monday. "We should have the trailer ready in a few days." (Yes, he has been talking about that for long now....???)

Assante participated Friday in the 16th annual Phil Galvano Golf Classic at the Legacy Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch. Proceeds from the golf tournament benefit Manatee County schools through the Manatee Education Foundation and its programs.

"You have an amazing community here," Assante said.

Read more here:

Read full article.....(with several photos of Armand Assante)

Read more here:

Bradenton on the map

Uploadet May 25, 2012
In Conversation with Armand Assante
Interviewer: Station Manager METV
Charles Clapsaddle

Manatee County
Live studio interview
Armand Assante interviewed
              by METV
An almost one hour long interview where Armand Assante briefly talks about his present involvement in the movie production of "Blind Pass" and talks about his early background growing up in an artistic family.
His dedication to educating his daughters in a christian manner in Catholic Private Schools.
Furthermore a deep conversation about Armand Assante's career and the memories it brings forth...

"Private Benjamin", "Q&A", "Belizaire The Cajun", "1492 Conquest Of Paradise", "Gotti", "Fatal Instinct", "Mambo Kings","The Odyssey" his latest Kazahkstan Documentary that won the Award for Best Documentary at The Gasparilla Film Festival 2012 ...and many more well known...

In Conversation with Armand Assante   You Tube

May 3, 2012
Da Cultura

Laura Barrera
Armand Assante interview
in connection with his role in as
Hotchkins or Hočkinsa,

"Montevideo, God Bless You"

Armand Assante in Montevideo
                God Bless You

"I Only accept projects I'm passionate about" says Armand Assante in this interview made for the spanish Da Cultura Yocio.
Since June last year (2011), various towns and areas of Tenerife have been modified to stage perfectly the Montevideo of the 30s. It is the team's second visit to the island, in which Santa Cruz and La Laguna have given way to the historic town of La Orotava, which have become one of the most emblematic buildings, the Liceo Taoro in a luxurious Uruguay who stayed in the Yugoslavs.
The similarities between the architecture of Tenerife has been one of the main reasons for choosing the island enclave.

According to the director, Dragan Bjelogrlic, this epic sports teaches youth an uplifting message that goes beyond the football field. Armand Assante adds that it is "a story about trust. I saw the movie and I was very impressed. "
Asked about the possibilities of working with a Spanish director, as Almod¢var says it is quite hard to find good material, and if, in addition to this, there is a good director: "It's a blessing."

Read more (Language Spanish) here...

In case this interview is taken down, read it here in an English version, but translated by Goggle....(Opens in PDF file)

July 17, 2012
"Monte video, God Bless You !"
Armand Assante as
Hotchkins or Hočkinsa,
Shooting right now in
Belgrade capitol of Serbia

Armand Assante is giving an interview to Tanjug ,b92 while shooting his part Hotchkins in Belgrade, a story set in 1930, focusing on the participation of the Yugoslav Kingdom's football squad in the first World Cup, played in Uruguay.

"What I found very pointed about the film is the theme of hope. Hope was so important at that time in the world. This is immediately post the great depression of all time, global," says Armand Assante and also declares:
"Sports, music, art, film, painting are forms of global interchange, which is the most significant thing we have in the world. I believe that culture makes the world go round, not politics"

Read full interview:

In case this interview is taken down, read full interview here (Opens in PDF)

July 2012
A small video interview, with Armand Assante talking about "Montevideo"
And "From Serbia with Love"

"Montevideo: God Bless You" homepage

Previously on "Montevideo.." Go direct


May 8, 2013
by Monique
Exclusive Interview: Armand Assante Talks Guido
Armand Assante as Agent Rivers

Posted on May 7, 2013

Armand Assante: "I did this film over three years ago, and what I can remember about it is that it was a very smart, exceptionally clever little script…What impressed me very much was how Alki had kind-of written a wonderful little film noir adventure of this character that I thought was so unique–this Iraqi immigrant looking for a life."
 This film is going to make its home release premiere on What do you think about the fact that this film not only has a physical presence but also has a big online presence as well?

Armand Assante as
                Agent Rivers
Armand Assante: …I think it’s fantastic right now for film and television that the internet is available for audiences because there have been many, many worthwhile projects that have been thrown under the bus for economic reasons…There’s a lot of good product out there…When I was the [head of the jury] at a film festival in Ukraine few years ago [2008's 38th International Film Festival Molodist], I watched 64 films in one week, 30 of them were shorts. The point is that of the 64 films, 50 of them deserved, unequivocally deserved to be among an audience. Not one of those films has surfaced

Read more:

In case this interview is taken down, interview here in PDF version.

"Guido" Movie Trailer You Tube

August 24, 2013
Interview with Armand Assante
The Hollywood Reporter
by  Nick Holdsworth

in connection with
The 19th Sarajevo Film Festival
about his role in

First Law (Ley Primera).
as Don Nowet

Armand Assante in
                    "First Law"
In connection with The 19th Sarajevo Film Festival Armand Assante gave an interview for The Hollywood Reporter where he tells us about his role the the upcomming movie: "First Law".
A dramatizing based on a true event.

The plot is described as: Toba shamans in the Argentinean Chaco is conflicting with big corporations, buying their land for deforestation and building biodiesel plants.

Armand Assante says: "....The film is about the eradication of the Chaco Indian population and the abuse of the Amazon by multinational corporations.
I was invited by the Chaco Indians to play a shaman and needed to learn their language, Qom. It's not an easy language.
I speak a little Italian myself, but this is totally different.
It was a wonderful invitation. I'm not Chaco and I don't endorse non-native people playing indigenous roles, but Diego told me they wanted me to be their representative..

Read full interview:
In case this interview is taken down, here in PDF

You Tube
19th Sarajevo Film Festival Interview with Actor Armand Assante

An interview about the movie "The Fix"

August 2013
Armand Assante
visits Sarajevo in connection with
The 19th Sarajevo Film Festival
introducing the movie:
"The Fix"

as Vincent

Armand Assante as Vincent
                in "The Fix"
".....It is our great pleasure to announce that the prominent American actor Armand Assante will be a guest of the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival.

The occasion for his visit is the screening of the short film THE FIX by Ante Novaković, adirector of Croatian descent, as part of the New Currents Shorts programme. Also, the Sarajevo public will have the opportunity to meet Armand Assante at the !hej Open Air Cinema...."

The 19th Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

"The Fix" on IMDb with photos

2013 - "The Fix" - Miscellaneous Photos FACEBOOK

October 15, 2013
Armand Assante interviewed
by Lorena Baricalla
The 11th Golden Foot Award

Golden Foot Award 2013 Armand Assante - Lorena Baricalla


January 27, 2014
Armarnd Assante interviewed at
the Premier on "Montevieo: Videmo se"
in Serbia
Tipo: Largometraje
Dirección: Dragan Bjelogrlic

Montevideo, vidimo se (2014) Premier - Entrevista Armand Assante

Here you can see how many people arrived to watch the movie, and Armand Assante and the whole A-team.
Montevideo, vidimo se (2014) Premier


January 21, 2015
"Law & Order"
Special Victims Unit
Season 16, Episode 12
Title: 'Padre Sandunguera'
(Air on January 21, 2015)

Armand Assante as

Nicolas Amaro

The plot: Amaro's father, Nicolas (guest star Armand Assante), is going to ask his estranged family to attend his marriage to 28-year-old Gabriella Nunez (guest star Katty Velasquez), and despite their volatile past, all but Amaro will agree.
When a fight breaks out at the wedding and Nicolas is put in handcuffs, Amaro is going to become a witness in a case that could expose family secrets and tear his family apart...
..................“It was so beautiful and so great and exciting to work with both Danny and [Assante]. Both of them were so willing to take risks and try different colors. For Danny, it was very exciting because it was this chance to explore a different side of his character. Armand, it was just a great moment-by-moment surprise.
“Danny and I talked about opposites and trying things differently and finding the humor and the lighter moments, or the unexpected response, or never knowing what was going to happen next. Finding light in dark or dark in light, trying to switch up the moment and how full a moment it can be.”

March 28, 2015
"Leaves of the Tree" Premier
Armand Assante as
Joe Buffa
Gasparilla Film Festival

"Leaves of the Tree" was shown saturday night at
 The Gasparilla Film Festival 2015
it stars Armand Assante as Joe Buffa and among others also Eric Roberts.

Here is a TV interview made Saturday morning by ABC Action News where Armand Assante talks about the movie....

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