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Alesandra Big
              Daddy and Anya
Anya, Daddy and
              Alesandra 2005

Month ?, 1975, 1976 ?
The origin of this article is not known
TV Magazin ?

Armand Assante

"I want Freedom"
by Miki Dorsey

Armand Assante in
              "How to Survive a Marrigde"
In this period Armand Assante was doing Soap Opera's as "How to Survive a Marriage " and "Little Doctors"
Armand Assante is 26 years old as this interview is made...
He is performing in Daytime Soap or has just finished being in "Little Doctors".
Being "famous" as Mike Powers he is surrounded by admiring women most of them actresses. He dates often and sometimes is involved in more than one relationship at the time. Itīs emotionally demanding.
He would like to date a woman outside this business, just to try out the experiance..he admits he would like to get married some day and have children.

About love and marriage
Philosophical he declares
: "In the beginning marriage must have been fantastic because it was a spiritual statement. Today, it often does not hold because of the question of values that has gone in our society now.
Years ago it was the first spiritual statement that two people made on their union.
That's why I believe marriage is often an abused institution today...and he proceeds...I hope I will get married, it will hold the spiritual aspect and that it will be the controlling element within it. I'd hate to marry for any other reason. I do look forward to it when it comes !"

Read more about it....
"I want Freedom" original article from 1975 open in PDF)

February Sunday 28, 1982
Karen McArn and Armand Assante
was married

The announcement of the marrige from NY TIMES

February 27, 1984
Interview with Armand Assante
by Lois Armstrong

Karen McArn
Armand was out with a few freinds, as he spotted Karen in a L.A. restaurant across the room ,.....and it was love at first sight.
Armand Assante also tells about his role in "Unfaithfully Yours "
Karen was in the theatre as Armand Assante performed his first version of Napoleon in "Kingdoms" it sadly did'nt run very long.

This is a scanning of the original article in black/white...opens in PDF

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GOSSIP Magazine

by Arthur Stern
Interview with Armand Assante
in his "home" in Los Angeles.

Armand Assante in
              "Love and Money"
Before Armand Assante ever knew of Karen's exsistense he gave an interview to GOSSIP around  the 1980 he admits:

"Iīm not an easy person to live with !"
"I really like to be alone. I like my solitude " And back then Armand Assante declared himself to be:
"Not a romantic, but rather an ultra-realist !...almost to the point of scepticisme "
"I have exspectations of me, but not the outcome of things. Thatīs what I mean, being 'an ultra-realist'"

Original scanning of the Gossip interview (opens in PDF)
3 pages.
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August 5, 1990
The News Journal
(ref: Smart Magazine)
Scene from
                Passion of Paradise
Armand Assante
"Once a womanizer"

Short notice, reference from SmartMagazine

You better take your dreams serious in time.

Armand Assante did anyway.
He admits as he was younger he was a womanizer. Analyzing on of his scarry dreams, he came on better ideas...anyway he met the dream woman Karen McArn and got married.

December, 1991
GQ Magazine
by Stephanie Mainsfield

While Armand worked with the Mambo Kings he gave an interview to GQ Magasin, itīs written by Stephanie Mansfield december 1991.
While Armand drives the interviewer to an nearby Inn to have lunch (his wife, with kids are at the moment in Florida) he says:
"I wouldīnt want to live with me.
...(Open in PDF)
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Cosmopolitan Magazin
Maryly Stasio
"Trail by Jury"

Armand Assante in
              "Trial by Jury"
In connection with his performance as Rusty Pirone in "Trial by Jury" Armand Assante gave an interview to Marilyn Stasio from Cosmopolitan magazin nov 1993 and here his view upon love and marrige came up and Armand said: "The most important thing people can do for each other  is the simple act of making the other person feel safe. (Open in PDF)
Get the full interview in 8 individually JPEGfiles

The Standard Times
Interview with Armand Assante

In 1994 Armand Assante separates from Karen Mc Arn Assante after 12 years of marriage.
In his interview given to The Standard Times just before doing Gotti he says about the breaking apart his family:
"To be married to someone whoīs working in the film industry is a precipitous journey to take. And if you take that that journey, you have to be able to put up with the parameters of their life, which can be a roller coaster"... "You love what you do, you are cursed with it and then you get known for being cursed with it. Then you find yourself in with a lot of other people with the same curse "

Armand Assante: Proud of his Journeyman status

              Assante loves the life in the country and farming Armand Assante
              loves a good cigar Armand Assante loves animals and still got all his

Armand Assante with his young bulls

Giselle Franca Oliveira and Armand Assante
Giselle Franca Oliveira and Armand Assante Giselle Franca Oliveira and Armand Assante


We must'nt forget that Armand Assante loves Shakepeare as well.

He often calles good dramatic stories "Shakespearean"...if you look carefully you will find expressions in Armand Assante's language that are medieval...proberly picked up from reading alot of Shakespeare.

In his young days as he performed theatre plays he had the part as Romeo (some places is says he was performing Tybalt ?) in "Romeo & Juliet"

He often mentiones Shakespeare and has through time dreamed of doing part's as to ex. Richard III.
In this article/interview from Paris while doing Napoleon he talkes about Shakespeare as well.

November 8, 1987
Lawrence Journal-World
By Jerry Buck

With the title: Actor finds Shakepearean heroism in Napoleon

"If Shakespeare had lived he would have written solely about Napoleon" Assante states "He has all the tragic flaws of every great hero Shakespeare wrote about - Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Richard III. There're all in this person. But to write one piece about him is impossible"
says Armand Assante.


April 16, 2008A grade
Armand Assante at the frontcover of
"cigar aficionado"

Armand Assante in Shark
Armand Assante loves nature and his farm (The Lone Oak Farm) upstate New York.

He also loves a good cigar.
From his interview, given to "Cigar Aficionado" april 2008 issue we bring theese  quotes:

"I live an incredible life. Incredible. I've lived the life of 10 men. I've been blessed with great health, great stamina, and I live my life very intensely. That is, philosophically, just who I am," says Assante, studying the end of his cigar.
"I think that when you live at a certain level of intensity, you have to counterbalance.

"I think the intensity of working as an actor has a price. No matter what they tell you, there's a very intense price to pay. My life with my kids, my home life, my family life...I would have had a bigger career if I'd put my career first, but I put my life first and by that I mean that I really, really enjoy my life."

"I work as much as I do so as to live life on my own terms. I want the freedom to go anywhere on the planet at any given moment with my family or my loved ones or just completely alone. I consider that freedom my principal obligation to the work I am in as well as to myself.
"I live on the edge." Assante pauses for a moment and then grins. "And I love the edge."

Link to interview....

March, 2010
Armand Assante only got one horse now

In an interview given at the Fourth Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival
March, 2010...Armand Assante tells that he only got one horse now..

Lone Oak

Lone Oak Farm 2009

Posted July 16, 2010
Russian Andre Tan
visits Armand Assante at the Lone Oak Farm
Fall 2009

Andre Tan and
              Armand Assante at the main entrance
The big room upstairs
              where the interview takes place
Armand Assante in the room
              ustairs from 2005
Greeting the horses in the
The sheperd is very
              interested in the camera
Armand Assante loves his home.
The beautiful "Lone Oak Farm"
The farm is surrounded by 225-acre land, meadows and forest. It was renovated by himself with the help from his father Sr.Armand Assante. He bought it in 1984 it was more than 200 years old. He always felt it looked like an Currier and Ives painting.
We can agree on that. Currier

Here Anya and Alesandra grew up and he first lived here with his wife Karen.
After their separation in 1994 Karen and the children still visited the farm and often spend their hollyday here.
It's a very productive farm.
Armand Assante breeds young bulls, horses, German Sheperds, grow trees, chop wood, build bridges and roads not to mention the amazing work he did with the farm renovating it.
He also have a swimming pool at the other side of the buildings.

Andre Tan and
                Armand Assante walking in front of the red barn which is
                also used as stable for the horses

It does not say much about this interview. We presume it was made Fall 2009 Armand Assante still had five horses.
They obviously talks about the his role as "Odysseus" and look at his collection of fine bows. The interview goes on in his "Study" with the chessboard, the drum-set and the many memoirs he has collected from Africa and his many movie-roles.
We hazards through his bedroom that reveals he is watching movies in bed. Thatīs the best sleep I ever get. If you look carefully, you will spot the many framed photos hanging in the hallway in a long row.
They are Armand Assante's own photographs taken through time.

We meet one of Armand Assante's fine breed German Sheperds and a tiny Pug,
I bet he is the most dangerous...!

It's all in Russian, but still its interesting to watch the farm and the beautiful surroundings upstate.

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Russian interview at the farm 2005
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French interview "Le Lundi" 1990
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From Fall 2005 photos taken at Armand Assantes farm also by russian interviewers

Armand Assante at his chessboard 2005
Armand Assante in his kitchen 2005
Armand Assante and Armand Assante 2005

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