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Sr.Assante at the Karpeles Museum 2013

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About this page:
It is not a family genealogy....
Here you can find information about Armand Assante's family members from public information. Only the family members that Armand Assante has mentioned in interviews are listed here.
Armand Assante's family is very large. And we proberly would need more than one site to introduce them all.
Articles new and old will be posted here.
If you want to know what Armand Assante him self has told about his family, you should visit "Armand about Family".

Spring/summer 1997
The Assante Family
First Annual Orange County Arts of Honors

The Assante Family was the first family to be given such honor.
We only got this information in a PDF document, the original link has long disappeared.
Armand Assante is mistaken for Al Pacino,
they say he performed a role in "Godfather II"
The whole family is occupied with something artistic and they mentiones Armand Assante Sr.'s Art exhibition of oilpaintings that was to be seen during April and May at the Art Center in Middletown.
Opens in PDF

Armand Assante's father

Armand Assante's father

Father and son
                  Armand Assante
Armand Anthony Assante is a very scillfull painter. And he is the father of Actor Armand Assante.

You can see his wonderfull art here...There is a motiv from Newburgh where the family once lived in Armand Assante's childhood.

Armand A. Assante is one out of 8 children and married to Katherine Assante (Healy) her family comes from Ireland.
His father's name was Ainello Assante who came from Neaples (Napoli) Italy.

Armand Assante Senior and Katherine have 3 children: Denise, Armand and Andrea.
You can read more about Armand Assante and his family at "Armand about Family".

February 15, 1984
The Evening News
Exhibition of Oilpaintings
Armand A. Assante

Here is another announcement about Armand A. Assante's exhibition.
It was held at The Real Galley at Idlewild Ave, Cornwall-on-Hudson from febr. 16 to March 4 in 1984. So people got a rich opportunaty to see his wonderfull motives.


February 17, 1984
The Evening News
By John Duvoli
Exhibition of art
made by Armand Assante (Sr.)
The Real Gallery in Cornwall-on-Hudson
Armand Assante's father never had any time for painting before he retired. Here is an article about a splended exhibition he made of his art in Real Gallery in Cornwall-on-Hudson.
(photo of him hanging his paintings at the wall)
The opening reception was on March 4 a Sunday.
He worked as a director of advertising at Star Expansion for years and now wants to devote his time to family and art.
He has been painting ever since he was a kid but never had any time for it before now.
Armand Assante was making "Unfaithfully Yours" and Denise made theatre work off-Broadway.


Date and year unknown
Kathy Haggerty
Model for Mr. Assante Sr.

Kathy Haggerty got to know the Assante Family because she sat as a model for Armand Assante Sr. after school.

Enter her website and use the searchfield to find the section where she tell about her experiance (Ctrl + f) write: Armand Assante

"....Back in high school, I was introduced to Armand Assante Sr. a brilliant, artist and prolific oil painter and his wife, Katherine – an equally brilliant poet and accomplished musician (their son is actor Armand Assante)...."
"......During our breaks, Katherine would read her poetry, and I’d play their piano and sing – and they were genuinely encouraging towards me as I would play them my original material. It was such an artistic , creative household, and I was so inspired by it all....."
".....I remember telling Armand that I thought it would be fun to go into the advertising field - and I’ll never forget his response: “Oh, no, Kathy –DON’T go into advertising!”....

March 6, 2013
Sr. Assante

Karpeles Museum will feature Armand Assante (Sr)

"......One of the most distinguished artists in the Hudson Valley, Armand Assante is a long-time resident of Cornwall. His work, covering a wide range of themes and subjects, has been exhibited at the Benedetti Gallery in New York City and is represented by S.P.Q.R. Fine Art, a renowned New York City art publisher and broker...."

"....Assante’s paintings have been exhibited at the Lycian Center in Sugar Loaf and shown in major solo exhibitions at Eisenhower Hall at West Point. In 1960 he founded the Arts Federation of Orange County, of which he was the first president. The exhibition of his paintings at the Karpeles Museum includes a wide representation of his work...."
Read full announcement...
Hudson Valley Press Online

March 29, 2013
Sr. Assante

Record On Line
by Deborah Medenbach

Karpeles shows Assante Sr.'s vivid color palette

Record On Line by Deborah Medenbach brings article about Sr. Assante's exhibit in Newburg.

A retrospective of Assante's paintings opens Thursday at the Karpeles Manuscript Manuscript Library Museum.

"I tried to select some from each genre he painted in," said museum director Dennis Wepman. "There's so much, it was hard to choose."

Assante, 90, studied art in college and painted for two years with German refugee Hubert Landau before military service took him to the South Pacific in World War II....
Red full article...

Armand Assante's mother

August 3
(From July 3, 2011)
Katharine Assante
passed on June 29, 2011
Armand Assante's mother: Katharine Assante passed on June 29, 2011
The announcement of this very sad news was posted July 3, 2011
A private service will be held.
A memorial service to celebrate her life and memory will be held at a later date.
Katharine Assante became 89 years old, born October 16, 1921.

Dear Armand Assante
We offer our sincere condolence and deepest sympathy on your loss.
May the outpouring of sympathy, the kind acts of friends and strangers and the comfort in knowing that your loss is felt by many, help you through this difficult time.
We ask for God's blessings on you and your wonderful family.
May you find the courage and strength to move forward in peace and confidence she is with God now.

With love from all your fans at the "assantefansite"

Katharine Assante

Shortly before the intire Assante family moved to Newburgh
January 12, 1957
By Arthur Brower
New York Times
Article about
Katharine Assante

New York Times had an oppointment with Mrs. Katharine Assante in her home at 656 West 178th Street (Washington Heights) because she was "Polio Mother of the Year".
There exists a full article about that visit, but we sadly don't have acces to that.


Armand Assante's mother
December 28, 1960
Newburgh-Beacon News
by Ward Poche

From left Denise,
              Katherine, Armand and little Andrea Assante
With the title: "Polio Mother of 1957 Finds Love of Life in Her Family" is here an interview with Katherine Assante and her husband Armand Assante that newly moved to Newburgh with their three children: Denise 13, Armand Jr. 11 and little Andrea only 17 months old.
Being vitimized of Polio in 1949 shortly after little Armand was born her drive and determination and love for her family she is still busy with music and poetry.
They call their home in the isolated Cornwall "Notre Reve" (Our Dream).
Armand Assante's father says:
"I have a view of the mountains and I never feel alone here !"

Katherine Assante has strived for her bachelor and master's degree in musical education from the Manhattan School of Music.
 Armand Assante was happy playing trumpet at the time.
Katherine's beatiful poem to here daughter Denise ends the interview:

"Remember me not for what I gave you,
Which was little.
Nor for what I asked of you
Which was perhaps to much
But think of me as one who longed only
To open doors for you -
A kind of portal keeper "

All her life Katherine Assante supported others in reaching their goals in life.

January 9, 1962
The Evening News
by Katharine Assante

Poem to Albert Schweitzer
by Katharine Assante
Mineral Springs Road, Cornwall


Marts 23, 1980
The Evening News
peformed by Fifth Grades
at the Highland Falls Middle School
instructed by Katherine Assante
their music teachter
Gilbert and Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" was a big mouthfull for the children but they did fine and recieved a standing ovation. Armand Assante called from Paris (Doing "Private Benjamin") with his encouragements.

May 25, 1985
The Evening News
by Ward Poche
Interview with a happy teacher
Katharine Assante
(her name spelled differently here don't know which spelling is correct, sorry)

A long interview with Armand Assante's mother about her joy being a teacher. Yet another beatifull poem written by here. In the upper left corner of the page a photo of her sitting in her wheelchair with her poetry book.

April 21, 1987
New York Times
An appeal to the editor
from Katharine Assante
With the title: "How to Give Handicapped Access to Society" Katharine Assante writes an appeal:
For 17 years I enjoyed the privilege of teaching in the public schools of New York State though I wore double leg braces and used crutches. One of the greatest rewards of those years was being able to show many young people that a handicapped individual could be a happy and useful member of the community, thus dispelling misconceptions about us.

June 21, 1988
The Evening News
Poem to Soviet Union
and Soviet-American Exchange program
by Katherine Assante

Read here about Katharine Assante's poem to Russia "Za Mir" which means " To Peace" reading this article you can understand Armand Assante's interest and devotion to Russia.
The poem includes a 45-minute program which will include American folk, litergical and genreral music as well as russian music.
The program will be taken to Russia as a part of a cultural exchange.
A Massachusetts group of three high schools seniors and 45 adults. It is sponsored by the Organisation of Soviet-American Exchanges and has included a program by Yale and the Association of New England Newspaper Editors.



February 27, 1989
The Evening News
By Lee Gittler
Interview with Katharine Assante

Katherine Assante have because of ill health been forced to retirement from her work as a music and english teacher, but she is now happy to tell that she goes back to the class room. This time because of peotry.
"Poetry is the best therapy in the world" she says.

She is planning to write a new book of poetry she hope will come out in spring.

With photo

July 2, 1990
The Evening News
by Lee Gittler
Interview with Katharine Assante
right before her reading at the Town Hall Branch Library

              Assante 1990
Katharine Assante

"If you love a child, read to him !" Mrs. Assante says and it's importent to read to kids to learn them words. If a child have "no words" it hits ! She says.

More insight about her peotry in this fine interview and we learn that she has written a fable for her grandchildren Anya and Alesandra called "Agalma and the Magic Word" that she will read the very day as well.

Her deep feelings and concern for the inviroment can be understood clearly if you read her "Words from an Angry Goddess" (Poem in the collection: October's Child)

Gaia will not be mocked, man !

Primitive man in
his natural wisdom
worshipped air and water
earth and sky.
Foolish and arrogant
modern man
raped and plundered
all my treasures
in a single century
deluding himself
I would not be avenged.

The poem is on print in her third published book of poetry.


June 26, 1990
The Evening News
Katherine Assante reads
"The Elephant's Child"
at the lawn of the
Town Hall Branch Library
A summer program for children with the medieval theme "Jest for Fun" (Make Merry with Books ! ) A Pre-School Storytime for ages 3 - 5.


Books:A Delicate Blue Veil (Assante, 1994), October's Child (Assante, 1990)

Armand Assante's sisters

Armand Assante's older sister
Denise Assante Gross was born in 1948.


Denise Assante
Denise Assante 1986
June 8, 1973
The Evening News

Denise Maria Assante married June 2, 1973 Stephen Keep Mills.
Present at the wedding was Andrea Assante, the youngest sister of Armand and Denise.
Please note: Denise Assante is no longer married to Stephen Mills but has for long been married to Carey Gross. The only public confirmation that we could find was sadly Catharina Assante's Obituary. Her full name is: Denise Assante Gross.

June 1, 1961
The Evening News
Talent Show held at Cornwall
Denise Assante wins award

The student Council of the central school held it's second anual talent show in the school auditorium. Denise Assante accompanied by Mr. Raimondo, sang solo, "Look to the Rainbow".
Denise was complimented for her song and won an award...

Evening News April 10, 1986
By Ward Poche

Title: "Singer-actress returns to area to star in production"

Denise Assante says: "Theater with a live audience is one of the rare experiences of life. It's the whole chemistry of an audience and what happens to actors. That's why things change every performance "

Denise Assante here talking about cabaret performances and about to be in a one-woman show about women in that type of setting.

Denise Assante is giving this interview in connection with her starring in the Theatre of the Hudson Highland Production of "Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris" at Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville.
Her brother Armand Assante is mentioned in this full story
Pay attention to the fun story below this interview. In her teens Denise Assante worked at the Museum Village in Monroe, she got the idea of buying a freind's donkey and riding it to work. But donkeys don't always do what you expect them to do, refusing to go any further in front of the local Barber Shop, the animal held up a school bus for 45 the rest of the story..

Times Herald Record
January 10, 2010
Denise Assante is starring in "Three Lives," a theater piece that explores the lives of Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day....
Denise Assante performed the role of
Dorothy Day.

Armand Assante's younger sister

April 23, 1977
The Evening News
Andrea Assante
Gets Award
Andrea Assante of Highland Mills, a senior at Cornwall Central High School, has been awarded the Caroline E. Holt Educational Fund Scholarship by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.
The Scholarship is for occupational therapy which will be Miss Assante's major next fall at the Northeastern University in Boston.

Andrea is Armand Assante's youngest sister.


Andrea Assante was born in 1959.

Armand Assante's daughters

Armand Assante's youngest daughter

Alesandra Assante
Alesandra Assante
Born May 1988, NY
Alesandra Assante is
You can listen to Alesandras wonderfull voice at Alesandra's MySpace Profile.
There are also some photos of her.

She is absolutely phenomenal !

Alesandra is persuing a career in the music industry and writes her music an lyric herself.  She takes drama classes, is photographing and has several artistic talents and hobbies.

Posted May 11, 2009
 People living in or near by New York had a chance to go see and hear her at The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St, New York, New York 10013

Tag: The Knitting Factory     Official site The knitting Factory

September 24, 2010
Sonic Electric
Interview with
Alesandra Assante
Her performance at "The Knitting Factory" is mentioned..
“I have always been drawn to the works of Tracy Chapman, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Smith, and No Doubt,” the young singer claims. “The first album I bought was ‘Tragic Kingdom’. Yet the energy of rock performances always appealed to me such as acts like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane.”......

“Being my father’s daughter has in no way opened any doors on its own,” says Alesandra. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as him picking up the phone and getting me a job. Some ‘celebrity kids’ may very well have that privilege, but every job opportunity I’ve had was created on my own, so I feel like I deserve the work I get.”
This link is sadly dead

Some one wishes her Happy Birthday here, I think it's Alesandra we see blow the candles out ?

You can read more about Alesandra at "Armand about Family"

Armand Assante's oldest daughter

Anya Assante
Anya Assante
Born May, 1983, NY
Anya Assante the oldest daughter of Armand Assante is now persuing an acting career.

According to Armand Assante she was working with a part in a TVseries in New York in late summer 2009 (info from his interview in Kazan, Russia given on his Birthday)

Anya have several creative and artistic hobbies, she photografs and is very interested in designing and fashion.

Photos of Anya Assante at the Patrick McMullan...

Photo of Anya Assante from the Launch Of The Hot Moms Club 'Super Community' at the Stone Rose Laounge at the Sofitel Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California at 3. November 2008

Anya Assante now got her own space at the IMDb...she has been in 2 Episodes of "The Young and the Restless"

Armand Assante's wife

Posted november 2009
Karen McArn Assante
Karen McArn Assante
Armand Assantes wife, because they are only separated never divorced, had a small role in "Mambo Kings" and is here listed at the

Karen McArn daughter of Col. Kenneth Hunter McArn, U.S.A.F., retired, and Mrs. McArn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
She is by education an actress and performed most her life at a theatre.

She performed Susan in "HeartBeat" 1985, a Comedy/Drama/Musical made for TV.
(It has nothing to do with the english TVseries by the same name.)

Armand Assante's cousin

Marco Assante
Armand Assante's cousin and assistant on many of his movies

Marco Assante
Actor and entertainer in the comedy genre
Marco Assante is Armand Assante's cousin. He's been in a coupple of movies and is very often AA's assistant .
There are now mentioned numerous films were he assisted Armand Assante and a Photo of him.
 Read more about him here at the IMDb.

A talented photographer to...
While he worked with Armand Assante he took many photos of him in quiet moments between takes, here's a link to one very handsome on set.

Marco Assante Stand Up Comedian You Tube

See several clips from movies where Marco Assante had a role, some of them with Armand Assante to, ....YouTube

Marco Assante lately performed in  "Rat Pack Revue" April 14, 2010 in New York's Gramercy Theatre. Armand Assante was present as a guest.
See display below.

Photos of Marco Assante

He has also been in several episodes of "King of Queens"
Comedy profile for Marco Assante

List of Marco Assante's roles in movies

Armand Assante's uncle

Armand Assante's uncle
Posted July 2010
Mentioned in a interview with Armand Assante from 2007
Commerce Magazine
Armand Assante with his
                uncle Ron
Mayor of Butler Ronnie Assante
In an interview from 2007 made for Commerce Magazine, Armand Assante mentions his uncle Mayor Ronnie Assante, that was a Mayor for Butler (New Jersey)  for more than 20 years. He died May 30, 2004.

Read the full interview (Opens in external PDF) Ronnie Assante mentioned at page 3 above the photo.
Also called Ron, Romo or Romano.

Here is a memory website created for Ronnie Assante.

A park has been name after Ronnie Assante

Ronnie Assante in The Mayor's Hall of Fame

Armand Assante's Facebook Profile

February 11, 2009
FaceBook profile
for Armand Assante
created by
Raffaele Marmo

Armand Assante as a guest
              at his cousin's Wedding Reception
Aunt Ellie and Armand Assante at a family wedding.

See here photos of Armand Assante as a guest of his cousin's wedding and other fine images with complementing words by other members of his family.

FaceBook (start of Profile)

FaceBook (Photos direct)

Photos uploaded May 18, 2010

FaceBook  (Filmography with the Italian titles of Armand Assante's movies)

A Merry Christmas greeting to All Armand Assante Fans from december 2009

Information about Armand Assante's profile here made in Italian and english.

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